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EQUiTEC Plant Growth Chambers

EQUiTEC complete range of Plant Growth Chambers provides precision environmental conditions for the growth for Tissue culture, Small and Tall plants, Seed Germination, Drosophila and insects, Arabidopsis, Algae, Plant pathology, Entomology and Medicinal Cannabis. Our chambers deliver the most accurately controlled conditions for optimum plant research and repeatable.

EQUiTEC reach-in, chambers available in 12 different models and 8 configurations provide tight uniform control of temperature, humidity and light. Lighting availability is using T5 Fluorescent tubes or SYSLED BIO™ LED light fixtures.

Lighting can be configured in 4 combination, Chamber door, Chamber door and 2 sides, Chamber door and rear wall, or Shelf lighting. SYSLED BIO™ LED lights can be customized to suit your application from a wavelength range of <350nm to 820nm, ideal for Strong vegetative and generative growth, enhancing vernalization and wide sun-like spectrum for research and biotech applications, allowing you to select the best chamber’s lighting system according to your requirements.

Available in sizes from 352 to 2800Lt internal capacity, all designed to take up a minimal footprint, allowing you to most efficiently take advantage of your laboratory floor space

The 4.3” series 4000 touch screen interface allows quick and simple programming with built in data logging, trend graphing, password protection, alarms and battery backup for 48hrs.

EQUiTEC is committed to designing environmentally efficient products. Our green technologies are cutting edge, yielding proven cost savings and energy efficiency. Insulation is foamed-in-place using  CFC-free polyurethane foam, contributing to high thermal retention, placing less demand on your lab’s air conditioner HVAC systems.

A wide range of options and accessories allows you to modify the chamber specific to your need. Some popular options include: humidity control, programmable/dimmable LED lights, CO2 control and chlorophyll-matching red (660 nm) and blue (420 nm) lamps. Slide out draw systems to replace perforated shelves, Wi-Fi connectivity, Ethernet and RS485 options, Alarms just to name a few.

LAF Technologies, provides regular service agreement interval programs and preventative maintenance programs to ensure your equipment is always preforming in its optimal parameters.

  • Plant growth-controlled conditions with Temperature, Humidity and Photoperiods
  • Light intensity in application from 20 to 600µmol/m/s at 150mm from the light source
  • Spectrum range 350nm to 820nm depending on light source selection
  • Airflow speed between 0.2 and 0.5m/sec, assuring an optimal temperature uniformity, also through multi stepped growth surfaces, reducing tension between plants
  • Temperature range standard +4°C to +60°C, optional for -10°C to +60°C with auto-defrost
  • Humidity working range 20% to 95%RH
  • Graphic 4.3” control panel with optional 7.0” touch screens
  • Electronic data recorder with graphic data representation and USB output for download
  • Light intensity control for day/night photoperiods
  • Humidification via ultra-sonic or spray systems
  • Product protection with minimum and maximum safety cut-outs
  • Horizontal or Vertical air flow to suit applications
  • Optional airflow speed regulation to reduce stress on plants
  • Battery backup of alarms & control for 48hrs in the event of power loss
  • Dry control alarm outputs
  • Real time programmable controller
  • Light configuration available from Front door, Rear wall, Side wall and Shelf
  • Choose from T5 Fluorescent lights or SYSBIO™ LED light fixtures
  • Stainless steel internal construction with Powder coated steel external surfaces
  • EQUiTEC growth chambers are designed with energy efficient CFC free insulation
  • Door locks are fitted as standard
  • Internal glass door allows users to visually located required samples, minimizing door opening times allowing rapid return to set conditions
  • Optional water distillation unit mounted to the side of the chamber or located on the laboratory wall
  • Access ports provided for additional probes or watering system
  • Homogeneity of ±1.5°C at 37°C
  • Stability of ±0.75°C at 37°C
Air Flow VerticalHorizontalHorizontalVertical
Lights on the doorX
Lights on the 2 sides and front doorXXX
LED LightsAvailable Available Available Available
Flourescent LightAvailable Available Available Available
Light Spectrum Range350nm to 820nm light source dependant 350nm to 820nm light source dependant 350nm to 820nm light source dependant 350nm to 820nm light source dependant
Light Intensity20µmol to 600µmol Light source dependent @ 200mm from light source 20µmol to 600µmol Light source dependent @ 200mm from light source 20µmol to 600µmol Light source dependent @ 200mm from light source 20µmol to 600µmol Light source dependent @ 200mm from light source
Temperature range +4°C to +60°C optional -10°C+4°C to +60°C optional -10°C+4°C to +60°C optional -10°C+4°C to +60°C optional -10°C
Temp. control accuracy±0.1±0.1±0.1±0.1
Temp. Homogeneity +40°C±1.5°C±1.5°C±1.5°C±1.5°C
Humidity range 20% to 90%20% to 90%20% to 90%20% to 90%
Humidity control accuracy ±3%±3%±3%±3%
Humidity sensor CapacitiveCapacitiveCapacitiveCapacitive
Humidity methodUltra-SonicUltra-SonicUltra-SonicUltra-Sonic
Inner Glass Door
Alarm output BMS contacts
Stainless Steel Shelves
Overtemperature Safety
Cable port entry 40mm
Casters with break
Internal construction304 Stainless steel304 Stainless steel304 Stainless steel304 Stainless steel
External Construction Power coated SteelPower coated SteelPower coated SteelPower coated Steel
Available capacities351Lt to 2801Lt351Lt to 2801Lt351Lt to 2801Lt351Lt to 2801Lt

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