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BBT 143 – Blow-By Test System for Gravimetric and Photometric Oil Content Measurement

The Blow-By Test System BBT 143 is a compact measuring system for the determination of the oil droplet content of crankcase gases (blow-by) at engine test rigs. It combines the precision of a gravimetric measurement of the Gravimetric Measuring System GMS 141 with the speed of an optical concentration measurement of the Process Aerosol Photometer PAP 610.

Because of the design of the blow-by test rig and of the stand-alone devices, these measurements can be performed very efficiently at engine test stands. Combining the Gravimetric Measuring System GMS 141 with the Process Aerosol Photometer PAP 610, oil consumption measurements for engine characteristic maps can be performed with minimum efforts and time.

Additionally, the Process Aerosol Photometer PAP 612 provides the opportunity to measure oil films and oil gushes in pipes e.g. at tilt test stands.

  • Time-saving and reproducible determination of oil content in blow-by gases in a wide concentration range
  • Integration into engine test stands
  • Measurement in the full flow of the blow-by (up to 300 l/min; possible bypass flow measurements at large blow-by volume flow rates)
  • Compensation of the differential pressure of the devices (filter measurement)
  • Heated measuring chamber of the GMS 141 and the PAP 610 to avoid condensation
  • Determination of oil content in blow-by on the engine test stand
  • Evaluation of oil mist separators on the engine test stand
  • On-line concentration monitoring of oil mist aerosols

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