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Aura Vertical S.D.4 Laminar Flow Cabinets

Aura Vertical S.D.4 Laminar Flow Cabinet Class 100

Aura Vertical S.D.4 is designed to ensure the highest product protection. LAFtech supply quality Vertical Laminar Flow Cabinet equipment and other related products Australia-wide.

The Aura Vertical S.D.4 are partial-recirculating vertical laminar airflow cabinets designed for highly comfortable working conditions.

Aura Vertical S.D.4 is a partial-recirculating Class 100 vertical laminar airflow: air coming through the front aperture is mixed underneath the work surface with the downflow air and recirculated.

70% of the air is returned to the work area through the main HEPA class H14 filter (provided with micromesh membrane for perfect air speed distribution) while 30% is exhausted into the environment through the exhaust HEPA class H14 filter.

Both HEPA (H14) filters are manufactured and DOP tested according to standard EN 1822-1: 99.995% overall collection efficiency on 0.1-0.2 μm (MPPS).

This ensures product protection as well as operator and environment protection against non-pathogenic materials (i.e.: allergenic aerosols, powders, etc.).

Thanks to the HEPA (H14) filtration the airflow inside the cabinet (constant average speed 0.45 m/s) guarantees Class 100 (FED STD 209E) – ISO5 (ISO 14644-1 Standard) environment in the work area.

LAFtech Aura S.D.4 Vertical Laminar Flow CabinetsControlled Environment Laminar Flow Equipment Supplier / EuroClone Aura S.D.4 Vertical Laminar Flow Cabinet Suppliers Australia.

  • Alarm is provided for fan failure
  • Soft touch keys on the control panel providing control of lighting, UV light, motorblower, gas tap and socket
  • Cabinet outer surfaces made of cold rolled steel with paint finish
  • Removable, perforated work surface. Internal back wall made of grade 3 stainless steel
  • Glass sides walls punched for further accessories
  • Sloped front
  • Standard options (included): UV light socket, Vacuum tap, Socket
  • Unique sliding sash with exclusive blocking locks
  • Front sliding window and sides in laminated glass
  • Elapsed time-meter for HEPA filter.
Work chamber dimensions (W x D x H) mm1240 x 610 x 650
Overall dimensions (W x D x H) mm1355 x785 x 1457
Height on stand mm2290
Front opening height mm190
Weight Kg175
Power supply220/240 V - 50 Hz
Power W390
Noise level dB(A)57
Lighting lux1200
  • Assembling of optical or microelectronic components
  • Manipulation of non-pathogenic material
  • Plant and animal tissue culture
  • Media preparation
  • Sterility tests
  • Food industry
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