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Lighthouse Air Velocity Sensors

The Remote AV Sensor is the ideal solution for unidirectional flow and ventilation monitoring in cleanroom environments and for HVAC applications.

The Remote AV Sensor has a highly accurate sensor for measurement of low air velocity and is most suitable for cleanroom and controlled environment device monitoring such as isolators, cabinets and biological safety cabinets. With its excellent high accuracy thin lm sensor the Remote AV Sensor offers great accuracy at low velocities down to 0.15m/s (30ft/min).

With an LCD option with backlight the Remote AV Sensor allows for high visibility in process conditions, lower angular dependence allows for an easy and low risk installation.

Only one CAT 5/6 cable is required for power and communications.

  • Smooth Cover and Cleanroom Friendly Enclosure
  • Long Term Sensor Stability
  • Large Easy Readable Display
  • Easy to Install
  • Bayonet Screws for Easy Access 1/4 Turn Rotation
  • Protected PCB
  • IP65/NEMA4 Rating
  • Remote Probe Option
  • Wall Mounted or Duct Mounted Options

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User Manual


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