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Safemate ECO Class 2 Biological Safety Cabinets

Class II Biological Safety Cabinets for Industry Professionals – Specially Designed and Manufactured to AS 2252.2 Australian Standards

With decades of experience and thousands of biological safety cabinets in the field, LAF Technologies offers some of the most reliable and technically advanced biological safety cabinets on the market. Countless organizations has now standardized on our cabinets due to their unmatched quality and reliability.

The Safemate ECO Series Features;

  • Air/aerosol tight electrical sliding sash with exclusive “yzy” movement
  • Sloped front for the most comfortable access
  • Silent operation <60dB(A)
  • Microprocessor with Digital Display
  • Full range of accessories for the right solution to specific requirements

Green Evolution!

Safemate ECO Class II Biological Safety Cabinet Series evolves from our bestseller Safemate Series adding an eco-friendly approach: the new EC Moto blowers enhance energy efficiency significantly reducing operating costs and improving building energy balance thanks to the lower heat output.

Your Safety is our Commitment

No compromise for Operator, Product and Environment. Protection guaranteed as required by AS 2252.2, EN 12469 and NSF 49 standards.

What is EC technology?

EC stands for Electronically Commutated, and it takes advantage of the most modern technologies in order to improve efficiency reducing overall power requirements!

Here are the Facts!

The New Safemate ECO Series requires 25% less Energy than a conventional S@femate AC Motor Cabinet. This implies that CO2 emission is reduced by 250 Kg/year (average).

How does EC technology benefit you?

It reduces your Energy Bill! Lower Power Consumption and Better Efficiency means money saving!

It guarantees a lower Heat Emission compared to the conventional AC motor. This reduces running costs as well thanks to lowered building cooling load.

It saves the Planet! Lower Energy Consumption and Highest Efficiency means less CO2 Emission and sustainable work flow.

LAFtech is the exclusive Australian distributor for Safemate Biological Safety Cabinet Class II products and the authorised exclusive agents for EuroClone – BioAir. We distribute and service Safemate Class II Biological Safety Cabinets in Australia. Call us now 1300 306 002

LAFtech Safemate Eco Biological Safety CabinetsControlled Environment Biological Safety Cabinet Equipment Supplier / EuroClone Safemate Class II Biological Safety Cabinet Suppliers Australia.

  • Manufactured and designed to comply with AS2252.2
  • Microprocessor controlled motor blower, with volumetric sensor for exhausted air flow monitoring.
  • Specifically designed microprocessor software and environmental friendly components ensures low energy consumption for a high efficiency and reduced heat output.
  • Electrical air-tight sliding sash, with “yzy” movement, operated by soft touch panel (EN12298 tested and certified for air tightness).
  • Sloped front design for the highest operational comfort.
  • Sloped back side of the working chamber for the best downflow distribution, maintaining laminar flow in the work space.
  • Comfortable 200 mm front opening at operational conditions.
  • Stainless Steel AISI 304 internal surfaces with 2B finishing (including spillage tray).
  • 6 mm multilayer Safety glass side walls on Safemate Vision series.
  • Electrically operated sliding 6 mm multilayer Safety glass front window.
  • Hinged front glass for easy cleaning procedures (swing out feature).
  • HEPA H14 class High Efficiency Particulate Air filters with 99.999% efficiency on 0.3 μ particles (most penetrating particle size) (EN1822-1 and EN 13091:1999 tested and certified).
  • Key operated. The key can be removed when the unit is in SAFE and OFF mode, in order to avoid unwanted operation. In case of power failure, the cabinet is reset to original working conditions.
  • Self calibration cycle performed when cabinet is switched on.
  • Visual display of SAFE conditions. Pre-warning before actual alarm conditions are reached (visual and acoustic alarms).
  • Soft touch control panel for standard service utilities. Interconnected UV and fluorescent lights.
  • Exhaust and recirculating flow rates ensure 25 air changes/min in the working area (30% 70% split).
  • Front barrier air speed ≥ 0.5 mt/sec.
ModelSafemate ECO+ 0.9Safemate ECO+ 1.2Safemate ECO+ 1.5Safemate ECO+ 1.8
Overall dimensions (LxWxH) mm1075 x 795 x 14501380 x 795 x 14501685 x 795 x 14501990 x 795 x 1450
Internal dimensions (LxWxH) mm925 x 580 x 7001230 x 580 x 7001530 x 580 x 7001840 x 580 x 700
Weight Kg210240280345
Front aperature mm200200200200
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