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Natural Convection Oven

JSON-Series Natural Convection Ovens heat up chamber with mild gravity air convection with heating element located under the chamber.

Ideal for general and conventional laboratory drying purpose.

General Laboratory Application

  • Max. 250°C, ±1.0°C accuracy, ±2.0°C uniformity. Digital PID Controller enables 0.1°C resolution. Equipped with wait-off timer,
  • Equipped with wait-off timer, alarm, auto-tuning and in-built temperature calibration function.

Modern Design

  • The seamless round cornered edge of the chamber prevents leakage and is easy to clean.

Perfect Safety

  • Durable non-contact type switch and relay cut-off heater to protect hot air rush to outside when door open
  • Dual over-temperature protection safety and electrical leakage breaker

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