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Electric Muffle Furnace – Max. 1,100 oC

Ideal for experiments and process needs high temperature up to 1,100 oC such as chemical analysis, annealing loss determination, materials testing and ashing processes.

Laftech Bio-Cabinets supply quality lab equipment and products throughout Australia. The Electric Muffle Furnace range complements our range of contamination control, fume extraction, forensic and other lab equipment and consumables.

The Bio-Cabinets JSR Model JSMF-30T, 45T, 120T, 140T, 270T Muffle Furnaces are ideal for high temperature applications up to 1200°C such as ashing organics, heat treating tools and ties, heat treating glasses and melting experiments.

Laftech Bio-Cabinets are the exclusive Australian distributor for JSR Research Inc Laboratory Products.

You’ll be pleased to know that our company Laftechnologies can provide NATA accredited laboratory providing decontamination, testing, certification and back-up servicing for Bio-Cabinets and other related lab equipment.


  • Heavy-duty moulded ceramic fibre insulation
  • Hard, abrasion resistant, designed to support heavy loads.

Precision PID Control

  • Microprocessor-based PID control, 3 programs (Pattern) and 16 segments for ramp (up and down) and dwell (time hold) temperature control.

Stable High Temperature

  • Temperature range up to 1200°C (Operating temperature is under 1000°C)

Kanthal Heater

  • Heating elements embedded are moulded ceramic fibre insulation offer long service life, protection from harmful materials and mechanical shock.
  • Kanthal-A1 heating element on all four sides of chamber for maximum heat transfer and chamber uniformity

Temp. Range : up to 1200°C

Controller : Digital Programmable PID, 3 Pattern 16 segment

Heater : Kanthal embedded

Insulation : Vacuum Moulded Ceramic

Capacity : 0.3 / 4.5 / 12 / 27 Liters

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