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Storemasta Gas – Aerosols

Storemasta Gas Aerosol Safety Storage Cabinets designed for Aerosol Storage that is compliant with Australian Standard AS4332.

LAFtech supply quality safety aerosol storage equipment, gas storage and other related chemical / powder safe handling products Australia-wide.

Priority Supplies Aerosol Storage Cages complement the range of controlled environment solutions available from our Australian laboratory and filtration products company.

Aerosol Storage Cages include;

  • 12 Can Storemasta Gas AC001 Aerosol Storage Cage
  • 60 Can Storemasta Gas AC002 Aerosol Storage Cage
  • 108 Can Storemasta Gas AC003 Aerosol Storage Cage
  • 216 Can Storemasta Gas AC004 Aerosol Storage Cage
  • 216 Can Storemasta Gas AC005 Aerosol Storage Cage
  • 432 Can Storemasta Gas AC006 Aerosol Storage Cage

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