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Particle Concentration in Compressed Air Lines

Lighthouse ApexR3P Particle counters and HPC 1100 Pressure diffuser units are to be installed for validation at FP Healthcare NZ. Connected in line with the plantroom compressed air supply lines the site quality and engineering personnel will monitor incoming compressed air quality. Data will string to site implemented Siemens Desigo BMS, this will provide real time continuous remote values and alarm conditions on a 24/7 basis or as required. This will negate the current routine manual process of obtaining these results having to utilise Lighthouse handheld particle counting instrumentation.

Measurement of particle concentration in compressed air lines as per ISO 8573-4 is an important, mandatory test across many industries where the ingress of contaminants and pollutants risk the quality and sterility of products and process. LAF tech perform accredited Compressed Air Testing infield, on an annual basis, for many of our clients.  Monitoring Particulate Concentration in Compressed Air lines in real time on a continuous basis really does make sense.

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