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Introducing the Grimm SMPS+E Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer

For the particle research professional comes one of the most powerful, sensitive and high resolution particle counting and sizing systems on the planet. The Grimm SMPS-E is capable of measuring ultra-fine particles over an unprecedented 0.8nm to 1094nm particle size range, over hundreds of high resolution particle size channels and with a 100 to 10 to the power of 8 particles cm/3 particle concentration range.

Popular applications include:

  • Fundamental aerosol research
  • Studies on atmospheric nucleation
  • Size distributions of airborne ion clusters
  • Macromolecule studies
  • Nanotechnology process monitoring
  • Combustion studies
  • Official reference for calibration of CPC’s
The system includes:
  • The fast and low noise faraday cup Grimm 5705 electrometer
  • The high performance differential mobility analyzer (DMA)
  • The DMA controller (model 5706) to control DMA voltages, electrical settings of the FCE and air flows
  • Powerful analysis software and associated accessories
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