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EMS System Upgrades & Hybrid Systems

Interested in upgrading or migrating from your existing particle counters and or EMS system to take advantage of the latest generation Lighthouse technology? Well, you are not alone. Hundreds of organizations across Australasia have contacted LAF Technologies over the last few years interested in installing NEW EMS systems and or buying new particle monitoring instruments.

LAF Technologies has installed some of the largest clean room and facility monitoring systems in the Southern Hemisphere, not to mention countless other standard and hybrid EMS systems across Australasia. We have worked and continue to work with a wide wide of organizations across many fields and 2017 kicks off with a record number of organizations installing or budgeting to install our Lighthouse monitoring systems.

Why are so many companies installing Lighthouse systems?

  • They WORK and they work VERY well when compared to many systems on the market
  • Quality and reliability
  • They use industry standard components, not proprietary black box hardware
  • Our particle instruments feature GOLD plated mirrors and optics versus Teflon or coated plastic in some competitive particle counters
  • We utilize the very latest SMART bracket technology
  • Our particle counters feature a 20 year MTBF on their laser diodes versus typically 4 – 5 years with competitive particle instruments
  • LAF Technologies specializes in controlled environment solutions providing (unmatched in industry) local support from factory trained engineers who have decades of experience in this field
  • We are fully NATA accredited and all of our systems and instruments are fully ISO14644 and ISO21501 compliant
LAF Technologies is literally a one-stop-shop for companies wanting to install professional monitoring systems or buy quality monitoring instruments and then have these supported properly.
  • We professionally supply these systems and instruments. Our sales staff have decades of experience in this very specialized field
  • We service all of our equipment here in Australia either in-house or on-site. We don’t send equipment to 3rd party companies to try and repair it here or overseas.
  • We NATA / ISO21501 calibrate our particle instruments at LAF Technologies and don’t send these off to 3rd parties here or overseas
  • Our clients have access to a TEAM of EMS professionals at LAF Technologies, all specializing in different areas (IT, system installations, project management, validation) all supporting our clients in different ways.
So, if your organization is looking to buy a new or upgrade an existing EMS system, then feel free to call us today to learn more.

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