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Biological Safety Cabinets in a League of Their Own

Anyone that has ever used different biological safety cabinets will definitely know and tell you that all BSC’s are NOT the same and there are vast differences in quality, performance and reliability across the different brands, makes and models on the market. Pricing ranges dramatically as does the quality of many of these products and it pays to do some proper research and buy a good quality biological safety cabinet to begin with. A quality biological safety cabinet may cost you a little more, however it is well worth the investment considering you may end up working with this cabinet for decades to come.

If given the choice, wouldn’t you prefer a quieter, nicer looking, better constructed, easier to clean, more reliable, higher quality and more easily serviced cabinet versus the alternatives ? Yes, so would we.

With 30 years of experience in working with biological safety cabinets in the controlled environment arena, our expertise in this area is next to none. We have sold, serviced and supported thousands of biological safety cabinets over time and LAF Technologies maintains the largest team of testing professionals in Australasia. The company is fully NATA accredited to perform testing on cabinets as required. To learn more about the quality range of biological safety cabinets we offer, feel free to call us today or click HERE.

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