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Wide Range Particle Size Measurements in a Small Package

Would you really like to measure what particles are in the air without the lower and upper particle size range restrictions found on many dust monitors? Most dust monitors on the market (photometers, nephelometers, OPC’s) are unable to measure particles below 100nm or above 10um (PM10) at best and yet there are still plenty of airborne particles below and above these levels. Whether you are interested in monitoring smoke, diesel particulates, dust, fumes, atmospheric air, nano or ultra-fine particles from industry or processes, the Grimm mini WRAS is the ultimate investigative tool for the occupational hygienist and or environmental monitoring professional.

  • This is the world’s most advanced and portable wide range aerosol spectrometer
  • It’s capable of measuring particles from 10nm to 35um (that’s way lower and higher than competitive instruments)
  • It provides 41 user definable particle size channels with incredible analysis software supplied
  • It has an incredible 0.0001 mg/m3 to 100mg/m3 wide mass measurement range
  • The unit can provide simultaneous PM0.1, PM0.5, PM1. PM2.5 and PM10 measurements
  • It does not need any consumables such as butanol to make ultra-fine particle measurements
  • It does not use a radioactive source
  • Bluetooth wireless, Ethernet, RS232, USB flash drive communications
  • Battery or mains powered
  • Can be easily used for indoor and outdoor monitoring applications
  • Many other advanced features

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