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Why Lab Safety Goes Beyond Ductless Fume Hoods

Whatever Your Application, Air Science has Ductless Fume Hoods, Bio Safety Cabinets and Laminar Flow Hoods to Ensure Your Safety

Safety resides at the core of every discipline Air Science supports. Safety is found across a variety of fronts, including the safe handling of opioids for law enforcement personnel and postal workers, the increased protection against fire danger within the lab, and the proper storage conditions for volatile chemicals.

And we know that just having the proper unit doesn’t always guarantee exact safety. Lab safety officers and lab personnel must be aware of other factors that can endanger themselves and their environment in order to achieve optimal protection, such as filter selection and proper protective clothing.

Having a strong set of overall laboratory safety rules is essential to avoiding disasters in any lab. For more information on the Air Science range of quality products, click HERE or call LAF Technologies today on 1300 306 002

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