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The Most Versatile Portable Particle Counters on the Market

More and more organizations throughout Australia and the world continue to standardize on Lighthouse Solair series portable particle counters for a wide variety of very important reasons.
  • Lighthouse offer some of the lightest models on the market in the world
  • They offer a 20 YEAR mean time before failure on their laser diodes versus typically 4-5 years on many competitive particle instruments
  • With the optional filter scanning probe and or ScanAir pro option, the Solair can be turned into a professional filter testing system, capable of testing HEPA and related filters to the latest ISO14644 international standards
  • The Solair series can easily be connected to an aerosol manifold
  • A number of high pressure diffuser and controller options are available to enable particle counting in ultra-pure compressed air and gases
  • They are housed in a proper stainless steel enclosure which can be easily wiped down and cleaned in harsh environments
  • They incorporate a high performance pump which has a long life expectancy and is capable of drawing samples out of controlled environments with no flow errors or pump issues, unlike many competitive instruments
  • They come complete with 2 FREE software packages, both capable of downloading stored data and one capable of remote controlling the unit and remotely accessing your data
  • They incorporate all the latest features (USB data download, color touch screen display, audible / visual alarms, reporting and more
  • They work well, they are reliable and they are generally easy to use
  • They are fully serviced, supported and NATA calibrated right here in Australia by LAF Technologies
For more information on the popular Lighthouse Solair series particle counters, click HERE or feel free to contact your nearest LAF Technologies sales office.

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