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The Importance of Using the Right DC Adapters

With countless portable and handheld testing / monitoring instruments in the field along with other devices that utilize AC to DC plug packs, it’s important for customers to remember to use the correct plug pack as supplied with the instrument. Occassionally, we receive instruments in for service and or their annual re-calibration, only to notice that the AC to DC adapter packaged with the unit is the wrong one.

It’s not only the wrong adapter, at times it’s the wrong voltage. Plugging incorrectly polarized power adapters and or adapters that have a higher or lower voltage can lead to instrument damage and or operational issues. Just because your adapter plugs into the hole, does not mean it’s the right one for the instrument. If you have lost your DC adapter and or have ANY doubts, please feel free to contact us on 1300 306 002 and we can help you double check.

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