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Terrific FREE Resources from Lighthouse

As you may already know, Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions loves training, educating and helping their customers and with some of the world’s most experienced people in particle and environmental monitoring now working for them, they are in a great position to do just that.

The Knowledge Center on the Lighthouse website is an excellent place to visit for those wanting to learn, watch training videos, read technical papers and so much more and this area is always being updated with new interesting content. Another thing that has become regular and VERY popular with our clients is Training Webinars. Rather then wait for a year or years for seminars to pop up, Lighthouse are conducting FREE internet based training webinars regularly.

Companies interested in particle and or environmental monitoring can sit back in the comfort of their office or own home and watch these seminars as needed. Registered attendees, also get a FREE copy of the webinar link to view / download. It’s fast, it’s easy, it’s convenient for customers and it’s FREE. Click HERE to visit the Lighthouse website and keep an eye on this site regularly for new webinars and interesting content.

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