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Smart Bracket Technology & Continuous Particle Monitoring

(Q) Is your facility still using older style particle counters where the counter is mounted to the wall with the IP address / location ID built-into the particle counter ?

(Q) Are your particle counters properly sealed to prevent cleaning liquid and contamination getting into them ?

(Q) Do your particle counters have a 20 YEAR mean time before failure on the laser diode ?

If you have answered NO to any of the above questions, then isn’t it surely time you investigate newer better technology that will save you time, save you money and reduce your risks.

Longer Life Laser Diodes
Longer life laser diode technology means your particle counters will last potentially 4 times (400%) longer than many competitive particle counters on the market. This can prove to be a huge long term saving for facilities using remote particle counters who are commonly sending their particle counters away to replace laser diodes and then to re-calibrate the same particle counter in the process. Expensive AND time consuming each and every time.

IP65 Rated & Totally Sealed
Having a properly sealed particle counter can make a world of difference in any facility. Lighthouse SMART bracket technology eliminates the risks associated with damaging particle counters from cleaning and or exposure to cleaning processes and external contaminants. Using smart brackets where the IP address and location ID is in the smart bracket instead of the particle counter also means you can simply swap out particle counters during the calibration process without the need to reprogram spare particle counters. You simply screw one off and another one on. No programming, no mucking around. How fast and easy is that ?

Try this with your traditional particle counter.

No Mucking Around with IP Addresses
The risk of placing particle counters in the wrong spot after they return from calibration is also a real risk. This happens commonly in industry and when it does happen, your monitoring system starts collecting the wrong data from the wrong particle counter in the wrong location. Imagine if you could eliminate that risk as well forever. Imagine being able to place any particle counter on any smart bracket in a matter of seconds and they just work and start reporting data from the RIGHT location. Well, that’s what our Lighthouse APEX R series particle counter customers take for granted every single day.

To learn more about how our latest generation Lighthouse environmental monitoring systems can make a world of difference to your facility, call us today. It costs nothing to simply ask questions and learn.

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