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SLA’s – Making Life Easier for Facilities

Many companies have service level agreements (SLA’s) in place with LAF Technologies, whereas other companies we work with are still transitioning to this potentially smarter, more effective way of operating. SLA’s are basically a document that bundles a whole range of annual essential services into one neat, easy to read document, with agreed pricing in it. These documents can be tailored to meet the needs of individual companies as required.


Company X purchases an environmental monitoring system. To ensure it’s long term operation and compliance with local regulations the system and its components should be checked annually and any environmental sensors need to be annually re-calibrated. Company X also may wish to have access to certain types of technical support during or outside business hours, sometimes over weekends. They may have other special needs or want other systems, instruments and or equipment managed and maintained as well.

Rather then have NO structure in place and just leave all the above (and often more) to various people at Company X to try and remember to do in an undocumented and somewhat unstructured way, service level agreements bring all this together and make life easier for facilities. All of these things can be bundled into a single document at an agreed price and LAF Technologies can manage this for you. If your company currently does not have an SLA with us and would like to look into this, feel free to call or email us today.

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