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A Record Month for Environmental Monitoring System Sales

LAF Technologies continues to be the dominant force in environmental monitoring throughout Australasia, with the company being awarded a wide variety of specialized particle and environmental monitoring system projects in September. Both our wired and wireless monitoring systems represent the latest state-of-the art technology and many of the features offered by LAF monitoring systems are beyond the capabilities of competitive systems.

So who is buying all of these systems ?

  • New facilities all across Australasia where they need particle and or environmental monitoring to GMP or non GMP standards
  • Existing facilities where monitoring systems need to be installed
  • Existing facilities where their existing monitoring system is simply not up to scratch and or its not adequately supported by the supplier
Our Lighthouse wired monitoring systems (often with APEX particle counters) have now been installed in countless new and existing facilities across Australasia. These systems are rapidly phasing out older and or earlier generation competitive systems where customers are seeking smarter features, better reliability and a high level of technical support.

Also representing a number of world leading manufacturers of wireless monitoring systems, LAF Technologies is able to offer wireless GMP and non GMP compliant solutions to companies at very competitive prices. Our wireless systems can be easily deployed on customer sites and they offer a wide variety of sought after features.

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