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Popular, Portable, Lightweight & Made to Last

The Lighthouse Solair 3100 28 LPM portable particle counter continues to be one of the best selling portable particle counters we have ever sold. Just some of the key features include:
  • 20 Year MTBF (mean time before failure) on the laser diode (unmatched in the industry)
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Built-in thermal printer
  • Very small footprint when compared to competitive particle counters
  • The lightest 28 LPM particle counter of its type on the market
  • 2017 technology, unlike some instruments on the market at the end of their life cycle
  • Fully ISO21501 compliant
  • High performance pump, designed to last
  • Gold plated mirrors
  • Made in the USA to the highest global standards
  • USB flash drive data storage
  • Full remote control and data accessing
  • Lighthouse EMS system compatibility
  • Optional WI-FI communications
  • Lighthouse ScanAir Pro compatible for filter testing to ISO14644
  • Easy to use Windows based reporting software
  • Extremely reliable and excellent value for money
  • Includes an NIST traceable calibration certificate and a full 2 year warranty
  • Fully serviced, supported and NATA / ISO21501 calibrated by LAF Technologies in Australia
  • It can be used for cleanroom monitoring and or certification
  • Optional 50 lpm and 100 lpm models are also available
  • Reference sites are available all over Australasia, with many customers now standardizing on Lighthouse systems and instruments
And you can get ALL of these fantastic latest generation features in a brand NEW fully calibrated particle counter (with 2 year warranty) for only $11,995 Ex GST. If your organization uses particle counters and or is considering buying a new quality and reliable particle counter(s) then definitely do your company a favor and look at one of the latest generation Lighthouse Solair models. More

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