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Are You Paying TOO Much for Your Portable Particle Counters ?

Are you paying TOO much when you purchase a new portable particle counter ? Have you really had a good look around and compared the latest products on the market, or are you just buying the same old brand or product because you know it or because it’s easy ?

At LAF Technologies, we sometimes come across companies that have paid top dollar (crazy prices) for portable particle counters when they simply don’t need to. Particle counting technology has come down in price over the years, not gone up. There is no need to be paying crazy prices when buying portable particle counters. Do some research and save your company some serious money.

On top of this, the particle counter they bought often represents older technology and in some cases is close to the end of its life cycle. The same companies often also complain about ongoing issues with batteries, the casing is shedding particles, the unit is too heavy, the software doesn’t work properly, the unit lacks modern functions, we keep getting laser failures, the lack of technical support and or other issues.

WOW, you would think NOW is a great time to have a fresh look around and invest in some newer and better technology for your facility

LAF Technologies offers a comprehensive range of latest generation, state-of-the-art portable particle counters at very competitive prices. They are fully serviced, supported and NATA calibrated by LAF Technologies and for a limited time, you can snap up an amazing deal on the NEW Lighthouse APEX Z series portables, with built-in WI-FI, Bluetooth and with a FREE NATA calibration certificate. Click HERE for more or call us today on 1300 306 002

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