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Particle & Environmental Monitoring System Upgrades

  • Are you happy with your existing particle / environmental monitoring system?
  • Is your system operating correctly and is it really GMP compliant?
  • Has anyone reviewed your validation documentation recently?
  • Is your software working properly and is it user friendly?
  • Are you receiving the high level of technical support needed to keep your system(s) operating properly?

LAF Technologies continues to receive calls from companies day to day wanting to strip out and or upgrade older / existing particle and or environmental monitoring systems. Many are seeking better and more reliable software platforms, better and more flexible hardware and or better technical support, where other companies appear to have let them down. This is where LAF Technologies can help. We employ a large (and growing) dedicated team of EMS professionals and ALL this team does is sell, install, commission, validate and professionally support particle and environmental monitoring systems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This team has decades of experience in supplying systems and instruments of this nature and we are here to HELP any companies that need us.

In a world on instability, where particle equipment agencies are changing and professional technical support is often lacking, LAF Technologies can help your organization reduce RISK and maintain stability in particle and environmental monitoring. In many cases we can use your existing infrastructure saving you valuable time and money. And remember:

  • LAF Technologies is a fully NATA / ISO21501 accredited company, specially accredited to calibrate particle counting instruments
  • All equipment is sold, serviced, calibrated and fully supported by LAF Technologies, the ONE company versus sending products to external 3rd parties for servicing, support and or calibration
  • We also perform in-house and onsite temperature, humidity and pressure sensor calibrations, along with providing many other calibration services
  • We employ our own in-house validation professionals who specialize purely in the validation of EMS systems
  • We maintain a long serving, well known and respected national testing and certification team which conducts many thousands of tests for companies annually
  • LAF Technologies is a complete turnkey specialist supplier of controlled environment solutions (BSCs, LAF, Cyto cabinets etc) and other laboratory products, many of which are incorporated into monitoring systems these days

Call us today for an obligation free quote on upgrading your system on 1300 306 002

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