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New WIFI Option for Solair Series Particle Counters

Interested in buying a new Lighthouse Solair portable particle counter? Well, now you can buy it with built-in WIFI connectivity. Not only that, existing customers can upgrade their Solair units to feature WIFI connectivity. Imagine being able to walk around your facility or leave your particle counter in a sterile / sensitive area and transmit your data via WIFI back to your computer system, which can be displaying and storing data in real-time if needed.

This new capability eliminates the need to remove counters from sterile areas, eliminates the need to take USB sticks in and out of clean rooms and eliminates the need for data cables, electrical cables, vacuum tubing and infrastructure typically associated with real-time particle monitoring. And, you can have potentially hundreds of portable and or fixed Lighthouse WIFI enabled particle sensors all communicating back to a PC or server operating on a network.

Our popular and widely used Lighthouse LMS Express RT and Lighthouse LMS Pharma software platforms collect, display, store data, provide professional reports and are packed full of features for the particle and environmental monitoring professional. Call us today to learn more.

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