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NEW – PurAir Nanoparticle Containment Enclosure

While a number of industries including aerospace, research groups, pharmaceutical and others utilize certain scientific methods to release nanoparticles, there are very few effective containment solutions that exist for particles that range in size from 1nm to 100nm. The Air Science Purair NANO Ductless Nanoparticle Containment Enclosure is designed to contain nano material / particles that are 100nm or less in diameter (ultra fines). With stainless steel enclosure, powder coated FFU and dual filtration options to ensure superior containment, the Purair NANO provides a safe work environment at an affordable price. At the heart of the Purair product line is innovative ductless technology. Just some of the key features include:

  • Protects the operator from nanomaterial particles (less than 100nm in size)
  • Innovative filter clamping eliminates bypass leakage
  • Exhaust canopy allows for thimble ducting to the facility exhaust system
  • Airflow monitor with low airflow alarm built-in
  • An optional SafeSwitch™ Filter Shutter System is also available, using a unique system to close off the exposed filter media face and minimize exposure during filter changes
For a limited time, every Purair NANO purchase will even include a free filter to improve your filtration capability and guard against contamination.  For more information, please call your your nearest LAF Technologies sales office or authorized distributor.

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