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New – Lighthouse 3016-IAQ BLACK Handheld Dust Monitor

Imagine a multi-function, feature packed dust / particle monitor with all of the capabilities listed below for the great price of only $5,995 Ex GST

  • 6 simultaneous PM fractions measurements including PM1, PM2.5, PM10 and Total¬† PM
  • Switchable from mass measurement to particle counting and sizing mode
  • Can be used as a particle counter / sizer and or 6 channel real-time dust monitor
  • It even measures temperature and humidity simultaneously
  • 3,000 point internal data logging, with powerful software and interface cable
  • Suitable for particle measurements to ISO14644 and various other local indoor air quality, occupational health and outdoor air monitoring standards
  • NIST traceable or NATA calibration options
Similar instruments on the market are selling for many times this price and they don’t even have half the features of this amazing new instrument. Feel free to call LAF Technologies to learn more.

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