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New APEX Z Series Particle Counters Coming Soon

Today for the first time we have seen a sneak peak of the latest Lighthouse Z series portable particle counters about to be released in the months to come. Created using the very latest optical and electronic technologies from around the world and created using input and feedback from hundreds of major particle counter users throughout the world, these new models look AMAZING.

With a strong commitment to LAF Technologies and the Australasian market, Lighthouse have also now reached out to us and our clients asking what features our customers would like to see in these latest generation portable particle counters.

  • How would you like to see the data represented?
  • What don’t you currently like about your existing particle counter, regardless of brand, make or model?
  • What features do you love and or would like to see on any new units?
  • Are there any features you would like to see implemented in the various software packages Lighthouse provide for their portable counters?
Now is a great opportunity for particle counter users to have their say and provide some valuable and constructive feedback that may well be implemented in these latest generation units. It’s not often that global instrument manufacturers reach out to customers on this scale and take on board their feedback, however Lighthouse is VERY customer focused and genuinely wants to give their customers the very best feature packed solutions at competitive prices. Please feel free to email [email protected] with any suggestions you may have.

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