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More & More Facilities Upgrading to The Lighthouse Apex R5

In 2015, LAF Technologies received a record number of calls from companies using “other brand” remote particle counters wanting to phase them out in favor of installing Lighthouse APEX R5 precision particle sensors. Why are they doing this ?
  • The APEX R5 is a plug and play compatible replacement for various other brand remote particle sensors on the market. Clients can simply pull their existing remote sensors out and replace them with later generation, longer lasting APEX units
  • It features built-in drivers for various competitive brand software platforms. Facilities are no longer locked in to any one supplier for the hardware
  • They feature an incredible 20 year MTBF (mean time before failure) on the laser diode, versus typically 4 – 5 years on many other particle counters. This is a potential massive money saver for facilities, as their current particle sensors fail and need fixing and re-calibration in the process
  • The APEX utilizes the latest SMART bracket technology to minimize the risks on sites
  • They feature 3,000 point data storage versus only 1,000 points on some competitive instruments
  • They have 7 diagnostic parameters versus typically 3 on many competitive devices
  • They feature a built-in web browser which can be accessed via WI-FI over a network
  • In a world of changing particle instrument agencies and uncertainty, they are properly supported, serviced and NATA calibrated in Australia by LAF Technologies, the ONE NATA accredited company, versus sending instruments to various local 3rd parties or overseas for calibration and or repair.
If your facility is using remote particle counters and you want to save money and reduce the risks associated with your particle monitoring, then feel free to call us to learn more. More

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