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Is your Microbial Air Sampler ISO 14698 Compliant ?

While there are many microbial air samplers on the market and being used in the field, some of these are NOT fully compliant with the latest ISO 14698 standards. There are a number of things that determines whether an air sampler is truly ISO 14698 compliant or not and one of these is a HEPA filtered exhaust.

Did you know that all pumps create particles ? Are you using your current air sampler in a grade A LAF cabinet, biological safety cabinet, cytotoxic cabinet, isolator or other grade A environment ? If you are and your sampler is not HEPA filtered then you are potentially venting particles into that controlled environment.

Lighthouse ActiveCount 100 Microbial Air Sampler
LAF Technologies in conjunction with Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions offer various models of the popular ActiveCount 100, with and without a HEPA filtered exhaust to meet different industry applications and requirements. The HEPA filtered model (100H) is fully ISO 14698 compliant to meet the most demanding needs of our clients.

All models are packed full of latest generation features and they are extremely well priced. For more information on these popular units click HERE or call us for an obligation free quote.

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