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Lighthouse APEX Z Series Counters – A Big Hit with Customers

Since the launch of the latest Lighthouse Z series of portable particle counters around 8 months ago, these instruments have gone on to win international awards and to become some of the best selling feature packed portable particle counters we have ever seen. With built-in WIFI, Bluetooth, USB port, Ethernet port, AVI’s in the handle and featuring ultra-long life laser diode technology, whisper quiet operation, color touch screen and SO many other great features, these amazing instruments are a MUST for any organization wanting a professional portable particle counter built using 2018 technology.

For those Lighthouse EMS system users, you can even connect your APEX Z series particle counter via WI-FI to your monitoring network and send data via WI-FI back to your Lighthouse EMS system. Plug a USB stick in the back of your Z series for almost unlimited data storage, limited only by the size of the USB stick. Remotely control your Z series particle counter from anywhere on your site or anywhere in the world.

How are some customers using these counters ?

One of the SMART things we have noticed customers are starting to do is use the Z series particle counters as low cost, make shift particle monitoring systems. Rather then buying elaborate larger scale fixed monitoring systems, some customers are using Z series particle counters in strategic locations around their facility and are taking advantage of the built-in highly visible multi-color audio / visual alarms (AVI’s) in the handles of the particle counter. These compact, quiet particle counters (with built-in pumps) can then immediately start continuously monitoring while providing localized AVI’s to warn any staff over quite a distance from the counter both audibly and visually.

Data of course can be logged to the particle counters internal memory, an optional removable USB stick (for mass data storage) or sent via WI-FI / Ethernet to a computer / network running one of Lighthouse’s various popular software platforms.

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