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LAF Technologies Awarded KW Scientific Fridge & Freezer Agency

Founded in 1953, KW Scientific is a world leading manufacturer of laboratory / scientific fridges and freezers. They dedicate a great deal of R & D and innovation into producing high quality products that are both reliable and energy efficient with as little environmental impact as possible. Their products are primarily used in the Biomedical, Scientific Research and Industrial sectors.

The KW research and development team is dedicated to verifying performance (stability and uniformity of T and UR %), energy consumption, eco compatibility, with particular attention to the latest technology regarding refrigerants and energy regulation. To this date in the third millennia, each unit built by KW Scientific is still lovingly built by hand in Siena ITALY, using primarily European components and the highest of quality compressors.

All models supplied, have audible and visual alarms, remote alarm contacts and access ports standard. Some premium models have data logging and traceability features. For more information, click HERE

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