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LAF Delivers Custom Class III Safety Cabinets

LAF Technologies, in addition to our general supply of our Safemate class II biological safety cabinets, has recently delivered and commissioned bespoke designed, project specific class III biological safety cabinets into a number of major bio-security commercial projects. Our Atlas Clean Air UK class III and isolator technology systems offer protection to the user and the environment from the aerosols arising from the handling of potentially hazardous and hazardous micro-organisms, with air discharged to the atmosphere being filtered via multi stage HEPA filtration.

These class III cabinets are designed to completely contain the hazardous agent and are used mainly for work with hazard group 4 organisms or work with hazard group 3 organisms deemed to be at high risk, for example where highly concentrated samples are being handled. They offer the greatest protection to the laboratory technician, sample and environment. Our besoke designs can include multi-chamber decontamination zones for the safe effective transfer of active samples whilst maintaining AS2252.3 and EN 12469 standards compliant pressure containment regimes.

Designed to meet our customers user requirement specifications, our Atlas clean air system biological safety cabinets are delivered from conception to final design through to rigorous factory acceptance testing practices. Systems are delivered, installed and commissioned to exacting standards by our own in house NATA accredited technical departments of which employ highly trained experienced service engineers.

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