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Introducing the NEW Z-SCI – 96 deg C Freezers

The Safest ULT in the market
Keep your precious samples safe with the latest addition to Laftech’s controlled environment portfolio, the Z-SCI TwinCore and IKKII range of ULT freezers. Scientists depend on the ability to store and maintain the quality and integrity of their samples through highly reliable cold-storage equipment, which enables the samples to be maintained below the required temperature at all times.

Completely redundant refrigeration system
The uniqueness of the Z-SCI Twincore and IKKII freezers is attributed to the two completely independent refrigeration systems, each with a compressor capable of indefinitely maintaining -82°C in the rare event of a system failure. This not only saves your samples, it saves time as samples do not need to be transferred to another freezer.

Extra features such as Danfoss compressors contribute to the Z-SCI Twincore and IKKII ULT freezers being some of the quietest in the market at 46dBa for a 734L unit, while heated doors ensure minimal ice build-up, reducing maintenance time.

WiZBox inventory and maintenance system
In addition to the Twincore platform Z-SC1 Biomedical’s WiZbox operating system is a unique proactive maintenance device. This new and innovative accessory allows your freezers to be backed up with a 24/7 preventive maintenance strategy in order to stabilize the reliability of the equipment. The inventory function on the WizBox allows samples to be located quickly and easily without opening the door and minimizing temperature fluctuations.

For more information on this exciting new product and to learn more about this innovative technology, please call Amram Williams at LAF Technologies on 1300 306 002 or email him at [email protected]

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