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Important Updates to ISO14644-1:2015

Is your organization up to date and compliant with the latest changes to the ISO 14644-1:2015 standards? There have been a number of critical updates that are likely to impact on the many organizations operating clean rooms and using particle counters.

  • Particle counters should now be calibrated in accordance to ISO21501-4. Having a NATA or NIST traceable calibration certificate may no longer be adequate or compliant
  • There is a new classification table with the title changed
  • It is now a requirement to undertake a pre test zero check of your particle counter(s)
  • There have also been changes in relation to the number of samples you need to take when certifying clean rooms and the methodology behind this.
We highly recommend that clean room operators and particle counter users obtain a copy of these latest standards in order to update themselves with all of the relevant changes. LAF Technologies is highly experienced in these areas with all of our Lighthouse particle counting systems and instruments being fully compliant with the latest ISO14644-1:2015 standard and ISO21501-4. We also operate state-of-the-art NATA accredited calibration laboratories which are capable of calibrating different brands, makes and models of particle instruments to the latest ISO21501-4 standard.

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