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High Resolution Particle Sizer That Fits in One Hand

It’s amazing to think that only a few years ago, systems capable of real-time particle measurements with an ultra wide aerosol measurement range, 31 particle size channels, simultaneous PM fractions measurements and other cutting edge features were too large to call portable and were generally laboratory based. Well, times change and in 2016 particle researchers and dust monitoring professionals can access the very latest German made research grade particle measurement instruments at affordable prices.
  • The whole system can be carried in one hand
  • 0.25um to 35um ultra wide particle size range
  • Simultaneous PM1, PM2.5 and PM10 particle measurements
  • 31 high resolution particle size channels (optional)
  • SD card storage, USB flash drive support, Bluetooth wireless connectivity, Ethernet communications and many more latest generation features
  • German made
  • 47mm filter sample collection
  • The sampling efficiency of this unit also meets the latest standards for PM10 (EN12341), PM2.5 (EN14907) along with the US EPA, Russian GOST and the Chinese requirements.
These amazing German made precision measurement tools can be used as handheld particle measurement instruments (PM fraction measurements and or particle sizing) for many industry applications and or they can be placed in outdoor enclosures for highly accurate outdoor continuous particle measurements. More

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