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High Resolution Diesel Particulate Monitoring

Diesel particulates and the exposure to them in the mining, transport and other industries have become a hot topic in recent years with their exposure directly being linked to cancer in humans. Various measurement instruments have sprung up across the world to try and monitor / quantify the levels of exposure, however very few technologies are available to accurately count and size these type of aerosols with high levels of resolution.

There is a BIG difference between getting ONE number on a screen versus being able to view the number, size and mass concentration across hundreds of size channels and over the entire DPM particle size range spectrum. In addition, some of these systems have the added benefit of being able to sample directly from engine exhaust while also being able to monitor ambient background levels with high accuracy and resolution. Feel free to contact LAF Technologies should you wish to learn more about the range of systems and instruments we offer for DPM measurements.

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