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High Quality Pass Through Hatches for Facilities

More and more companies are calling LAF Technologies to purchase pass through hatches. While there are various choices available on the market, LAF Technologies offers some of the best and highest quality pass through hatches in the world. Manufactured in Europe (Italy) by world leading laboratory equipment manufacturer EuroClone, they represent outstanding quality and value for money.

There are a wide range of standard models available and we can even custom build them to suit your needs. Some of the key features include:

  • Timed magnetic interlock

  • HVAC and integral motor blower air supply

  • Unidirectional HEPA filtered air flow (Grade A)

  • BMS / EMS alarm condition connection ports

  • Supplied with full Factory materials specification and traceability document suite

  • Full 314 SS construction. 316 SS available on request

For more information, visit the EuroClone website HERE or call LAF Technologies today on 1300 306 002.

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