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Grimm MiniWRAS Proving Popular with Particle Researchers

First featured in our e-newsletters over a year ago, the MiniWRAS from Grimm Aerosol Technik has proven to be a very popular device with particle research professionals. Capable of particle measurements from 10nm to 35um over 41 user definable particle size channels, this feature packed unit can operate off batteries or mains in the field or in laboratory applications.

  • High resolution ultra-fine / nano-particle measurements
  • 10nm to 35um ultra wide particle size range
  • 41 particle size channels
  • No need for consumables such as butanol
  • No need for a radioactive source unlike with some instruments
  • Powerful LabView analysis software
  • Bluetooth wireless technology
  • USB flash drive data storage and much more
For more information on this portable feature packed unit, feel free to call us today.

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