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Gold Plated Versus Plastic – A Big Difference

Did you know that unlike some competitive particle instruments on the market which utilize a plated plastic mirror, the Lighthouse APEX series of particle counters utilize a heavy duty GOLD plated mirror (as shown in the image below) which offers FAR superior protection from damage due to contamination.
Another interesting thing our engineering department has noted over the years is that the Lighthouse APEX series of particle counters very rarely (if ever) drift from their calibration point when they come back to LAF Technologies for their annual NATA re-calibration. Put simply, we have never seen such stability in remote particle counters of this nature and our engineering team are speaking from many years of experience in calibrating different brands, makes and models of particle instruments.

What does this mean for our Lighthouse customers, it means you can TRUST the measurements your Lighthouse units are making all year round during calibration cycles. When any particle counter drifts out of calibration (whether it’s on day 1 or day 365 of your calibration cycle) your measurements are at RISK.

Why take chances when you no longer have to? These great features combined with the many other cutting edge features the APEX series offer is why so many companies are now standardizing on Lighthouse systems here and globally.

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