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Filter Testing & Particle Measurement Super Site

For those companies interested in filter testing, pore size measurements, sediment particle analysis, aerosol generation, dilution, particle size, count and related measurements, then you really want to check out the Topas website. Topas GmbH has been a world leading manufacturer of advanced particle related instruments for many years now. Some of the systems and products they manufacture are unique in all the world.

They design and manufacture all sorts of specialized equipment to meet a wide variety of existing and up and coming standards and knowing about Topas and their product range could just be of great benefit to your company.

LAF Technologies represents Topas here in Australia and we have been supplying their equipment to research groups and all sorts of organizations here wanting to comply with standards, evolve their facilities and be at the top of their game in the market. For more information, feel free to give us a call on 1300 306 002.

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