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EuroClone Biological Safety Cabinets – Do You Own One Yet ?

Does your organization use biological safety cabinets ? Are you considering upgrading an old cabinet or buying a new one ? The team at LAF Technologies are specialists in the supply of biological safety cabinets and controlled environment solutions. We offer an extensive range of world class cabinets at very competitive prices, including the highly popular Italian made EUROCLONE models which are now being sold in record numbers to organizations throughout Australasia. The quality, features, reliability, feel and look of these cabinets is simply unmatched in industry as many Euroclone cabinet users will quickly tell you.

The other great news is LAF Technologies is a total turnkey solutions provider. We not only sell cabinets and related products, we can install them for you, commission them and fully test and certify them to the very latest Australian standards. Is your organization doing non viable particle counting in these grade A environments yet or microbial air sampling ? We can even quickly and cost effectively help you achieve this, supplying the very latest technologies, fully serviced, supported and NATA calibrated by LAF Technologies in Australia.

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