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CO2 Monitoring in Schools

Sensedge SE100 laftech

Kaiterra – Sensedge Mini SE-200 IAQ monitor

LAFtech’s EMS division recently supplied Genesis Christian College in Brisbane with a number of Sensedge Mini SE-200 devices for their internal Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) audit. This unit was chosen for its simplicity in design and the ease in viewing the data from the Kaiterra cloud based dashboard.

The Sensedge Mini SE-200 unit allows the room CO2, PM2.5, Temperature, Humidity and TVOC to be measured and logged over a period of time. Provides the user accurate data in order to properly understand the quality of the indoor air on the premise.

Good Indoor Air Quality provides a safe, healthier environment for both the students and staff. This is why Genesis Christian College have chosen LAFtech’s  Kaiterra Technology to support them with their IAQ audit.

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