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CO2 Incubators for Industry Professionals

Have you seen the latest SafeGrow state-of-the-art incubators from EuroClone. The SafeGuard Pro maintains an accurate CO2 gas level, uniform temperature and a consistently high level of humidity for the stable culturing environment, even for most critical applications like IVF or stem cell cultures. Some of the key features include:
  • 188 liters of internal space, 140 liters of usable space, which is unmatched in industry in its class
  • Direct heating
  • Precise and accurate temperature control
  • Range 10-50°C in 0.1 increments
  • Control ±0.1C
  • Accuracy ±0.1C
  • Uniformity – ± 0.3°C
  • Quick recovery
  • Humidity minimum 95%
  • Maintain precise CO2 percentage with state-of-the-art controller with solid state IR sensor with auto zeroing of CO2 – superior CO2 control and recovery independent from humidity level unlike old style TC type sensors
  • Fanless design with gentlest possible air movement by thermal convection, ensures lowest contamination risk, simplifies cleaning and allows for longer life of incubator components
  • Seamless internal electropolished stainless steel construction with fully rounded corners, results in easier more efficient cleaning, corrosion resistance and further reducing chance of contamination
  • Large easy to read display, with fully programmable keypad
  • Fully customizable internal shelving with 4 different door configurations (optional)
  • 27.5 mm access port – allows easy and safe placement of small instruments in chamber
  • Removeable humidity water pan – easy to fill and keep clean humidity water pan
  • Solid stainless steel shelves – helps contain minor spills & assists with even heating of cultures
  • Fully automatic validated 125 degree C direct heat decontamination cycle – No need to remove any incubator parts or fixtures prior to cycle. Just add sterile water at the end of the cycle and cell culturing can be safely resumed.
  • Large usable surface area of 0.23sqm per shelf
  • Unlike any other incubator on the market, the EuroClone SafeGrow Pro Direct Heat CO2 Incubator simultaneously monitors 7 separate temperature zones (the 6 surfaces and the central chamber) for precise temperature control and to optimize temperature recover

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