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6 Simultaneous PM Dust Fractions for Only $5,995 Ex GST

With it’s color touch screen, built-in temperature and humidity sensors, 3,000 point logging, particle counting and mass mode switching capability and many other advanced features, the Lighthouse 3016 series handheld dust / particle monitors continue to be one of the fastest selling and most popular devices we offer. It can be used as a particle counter to monitor ISO 1 to 9 controlled environments, it can be used as an indoor air quality / occupational health and safety dust monitoring tool, it can be used to measure outdoor dust in ambient air and many other popular applications. It can even be NATA calibrated locally as required. And at $5,995 Ex GST there is NO other instrument on the market we have come across that will provide all these features, including 6 x simultaneous particle size channels and 6 x simultaneous PM dust fractions in the process at this great price. More

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