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Topas ATM 220 & 221 Aerosol Generators

Aerosol generators of series ATM 220/226 are especially for cleanroom and filter test applications for years highly appreciated by our customers.

Function test at laminar flow boxes (DIN EN 12469), the qualitative test of filters for suspended matter (filter leack test of HEPA and ULPA filters),  and acceptance measurements in clean rooms (according to DIN EN ISO 14644 and VDI 2083) are a essential necessity for personal security and product safety.

For such measurements the VDI-directive 3491 proposes an aerosol generator for producing a test aerosol with defined characteristics, like the ATM 220.

By high generated particle numbers at a particle size distribution orientated at the Most Penetration Particle Size (MPPS) of the filter the locating of leaks in the system is possible fast and safe. Using an oily aerosol substance the aerosol generator produces spherical particles mainly in the size range 0.1…0.5 µm with a calculable residence time. That does nearly not extra contaminate the filter material.

For applications where a very precise setting of smaller particle production rates are required (up to 0.6  g / h), the model ATM 221 was developed.

A further range of application for aerosol generators is calibration of measuring devices and visualization of currents. That enables measurements of local velocities and flow profiles of the tracer particles by means of optical methods


The atomizer is the key part of the ATM 220. It is made of high quality stainless steel and works as a two-stream nozzle, based on the injection principle. The unique feature is that the outlet points towards the wall of the glass vessel which works as the baffle plate. This particle impaction section removes coarse spray droplets and results in a particle size distribution mainly below 1 µm. With increasing flow rates the cut point of the impactor is improved, but in the submicrometer range that has only slight influence on the particle size distribution of the aerosol. The air is cleaned by a HEPA-filter before it is introduced to the atomizer. At the aerosol generator ATM 221 the nozzle is immersed in the liquid in order to ensure setting of small mass flows with a very high reproducibility


  • Polydisperse aerosol, mainly <1 µm
  • Very high permanence of the generated particle size distribution
  • Defined and high particle number concentration
  • Testing of HEPA and ULPA filter media
  • Acceptance measurements of clean rooms and  safety cabinets
  • Generation of tracer particles at low flow rates
ATM 220, 221
ATM 220ATM 221
Compressed airmax. 8 barmax. 2.5 bar
Volume flowmax. 250 l/hmax. 140 l/h
Mass flow aerosol fluidapprox. 2.0 g/happrox. 0.6 g/h
Operating timemax. 25 hmax. 83h
Counter pressuremax. 10 kPa (0,1 bar)
Aerosol outletdiam. 8 mm
Particle materialsDEHS, PAO (Emery 3004), Paraffin oil, saline solutions, Latex suspensions,…

Aerosol Specification for DEHS
Number concentration>108 Particles/cm³
Number concentration (0.2 µm)2×107 Particles/cm³
Number concentration (0.5 µm)5×105 Particles/cm³
Number concentration (1 µm)1×105 Particles/cm³
Number concentration (0.3 to 0.5 µm)1.5×107 Particles/cm³
Number concentration ( 0.5 to 1.0 µm)8×106 Particles/cm³
Median value0.1 .. 0.5 µm

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