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Specials and Package Deals

Ventilation Test Equipment

  • Kanomax 6715 Professional Air Balancing Hood
  • Oriflow Professional Duct Leakage Testers

Particle Monitoring

  • Lighthouse 3016-IAQ Handheld Particle Counter
  • Lighthouse Active Count 100 Microbial Air Sampler
  • Lighthouse Active Count 100 & 3016-IAQ Package Deal

Dust Monitoring Equipment

  • Lighthouse 3016-D 6 Channel Real-Time Dust Monitor

The above mentioned products are either on special individually, or in some cases we have managed to (package deal) these together with other popular products. In some cases you can click on the product LINK and directly download the special offer, in other cases you need to call or email your nearest LAF Technologies sales office on 1300 306 002