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cGMP Monitoring System LMS Pharma – VCCC


Project Date: June 2014 to June 2016

The Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC) is a purpose-built building for cancer research, treatment, care and education in the Melbourne, Victoria. LAFtech is proud to have been involved with this $1B State project. Contracted by Honeywell for design, installation, and Validation on a LMS Pharma Particle and Environmental monitoring system. From concept URS, FDS to Handover our in house Project engineering team delivered the Validated system across three essential Cancer related research and manufacturing organisations within the building base.

  • Cell Therapies Pty Ltd
  • HPC Cryo
  • Cyclotek

LAF tech project managed, resourced, and delivered the entire monitoring system. From Cabling and Vacuum line infrastructure across multiple levels, House vacuum systems, I/O cabinets, Servers, all Instrumentation, and hardware right through to onsite Calibrations, Validation and User group training.

Our delivered LMS Pharma EMS Monitoring system records and stores data from more than 2300 environmental sensor data points across fifteen Grade A/B cleanrooms including scientific equipment environmental conditions.

The delivered system monitors in real time: Airborne Particle Concentration, Room Pressures, Room T/H, Equipment Temperatures down to -156C, CO2 levels.

LAF tech continues to provide essential aftermarket support with facility management Honeywell and end user groups as the VCCC.

Another LAF tech Project with Our Australian industry Standard Lighthouse LMS Pharma Software (SCADA) with APEX Z Particle counters and Smart Bracket technology.

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