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Dust Monitoring Equipment - Portable Dust Monitoring

Australia’s Leading Supplier of Portable Dust Monitoring Instruments

LAF Technologies is a leading national supplier of dust and particle monitoring instruments. Monitors for indoor air quality testing, outdoor air monitoring, occupational health & safety, cleanroom monitoring, cleanroom certification and almost every possible measurement application.

With over 30 years of experience in the supply of real-time, laser based particle & dust measurement instruments and extensive experience with different brands, makes and models, our specialist staff can help you select the right instrument from a number of world leading manufacturers to suit your specific application. All equipment is also fully serviced, supported and calibrated in Australia by LAF Technologies using factory trained engineering professionals. While there are numerous dust monitoring instruments on the market, it’s paramount you select the right instrument that is “fit for purpose” and suits your needs and application. It’s also important to select a supplier that is properly experienced and accredited to service, support and calibrate that equipment.

Why do so many companies choose LAF Technologies over competitive suppliers?

  • 0.25um up to 35um particle size measurements on selected models (unmatched on the market)
  • 0.0001 mg/m3 resolution on selected models (unmatched on the market)
  • Bluetooth wireless connectivity and Android app for smart devices on selected models
  • Real-time monitors for single PM fraction measurements
  • Real-time monitors for simultaneous PM fraction measurements (PM0.3, PM0.5, PM1, PM2.5, PM5, PM10 and Total PM)
  • Simultaneous PM fraction measurements with the BONUS of real-time particle size and number measurements over 31 size channels
  • LAF Technologies is a fully NATA accredited company and is also specifically NATA accredited in the calibration of optical particle counters
  • The company is also fully ISO21501 accredited in the calibration of optical particle counting instruments
  • Upgrades to be able to measure particles from as low as 5nm up to 35um over 70 particle size channels
  • 0.1um to 500um wide particle size sensitivity range on some models
  • Latest generation sheath air systems for optics protection
  • Long life pumps for reliable long term operation
  • The latest laser diode technology with an incredible 20 Year MTBF (mean time before failure) on selected models, versus 4 to 5 years on many other instruments
  • Units available to measure ultra-fine / nano particles down to 5nm
  • Latest generation communication options. Ethernet, RS232, Bluetooth wireless, USB, SD card and analog outputs
  • Easy system integration with external data loggers, SCADA & telemetry systems
  • Outdoor enclosures available for tripod mounting and fixed installations
  • Lifetime FREE technical support