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Water Purification Universal Condensate Recirculating System

Laftech Bio-Cabinets supply quality laboratory equipment and products throughout Australia. The CARON 2nd generation Universal Condensate Recirculating System complements our range of contamination control, fume extraction, forensic and other laboratory equipment and consumables.

This Bio-Cabinets 2nd generation CARON Universal Condensate Recirculating System acts as a water delivery system for use with any CARON humidity controlled chamber. The CRSY102 was designed so you can utilize tap water, eliminating the need to purchase more expensive water purification systems or maintain a supply of distilled/deionized water.

The need for a floor drain is also eliminated because the CRSY102 recycles chamber condensate. The CRSY102 maintains and controls water purity between 100-125 kΩ-cm. Precise water purity control enhances the chamber’s cleanliness and maximizes the life of components in the humidification system. With the optional CRSYKIT, the Universal Condensate Recirculating System can supply water for any two CARON humidity controlled chambers, even in high water usage situations.

Laftech Bio-Cabinets are the exclusive Australian distributor for Caron Laboratory Products.

You’ll be pleased to know that our company Laftechnologies can provide NATA accredited laboratory providing decontamination, testing, certification and back-up servicing for Bio-Cabinets and other related laboratory equipment.


  • The Condensate Recirculating System is environmentally friendly, minimizing water consumption and lowering utility and installation expenses.
  • The DI cartridge and carbon filter remove minerals, chloramides, chloramines and sediments from the water, eliminating the build up of scale deposits that can damage components exposed to water.
  • An Ionic Silver Stick utilizes the anti-bacterial effect of silver to eliminate over 650 bacteria and viruses to provide a contamination free water source.
  • The large reservoir is backlit for at-a-glance monitoring of the water level. The “Add Water” indicator light provides you with an additional visual indicator of when to add water.
  • “Replace Filters” indicator light alerts you when to change water filters so that proper water purity is maintained.
  • Finger latches on both full-length side access panels allow quick access to replace filters and for convenient servicing.
  • The single switch operation and automatic air purge minimize and simplify user interaction.
  • Front/rear handles and casters provide easy mobility for installation and service.
  • The optional UV germicidal lamp deactivates microorganisms including bacteria, molds, protozoa, viruses and yeasts for contamination-free water


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