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Vacuum Filtration

LAF Technologies is a specialist supplier of laboratory equipment and related products throughout Australasia. Our vacuum filtration equipment and consumables complement our range of contamination control, fume extraction, forensic and other laboratory products. LAF Technologies can provide glass filtration sets, vacuum filtration stands, vacuum manifolds, magnetic funnels, bio-suction systems and complete vacuum filtration solutions.

Vacuum filtration is widely used in the laboratory and related fields for various tests such as micro-organism testing in food, pharmacy, beverage, drinking water and related industries including suspended solid testing in the environment protection field. Other applications include sample or solution pre-treatment prior to AAS, GC, HPLC analysis etc.

LAF Technologies are the exclusive Australian agents for Rocker laboratory vacuum products

LAF Technologies also provides decontamination services, testing services, certification and back-up servicing for biological safety cabinets and related laboratory products.

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